Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winding Up 2010

2010 leaves much to be desired, to be very honest.  Personally I can say I have detested this horrible year, and I can't wait for it to be over.  But I must admit- there has been a lot of growing and a lot of learning who my (and my husband's) true character is.

Here's a quick recap of the year, bloggy-wise and non-bloggy-wise.

January- We moved into our house!!!!!

February- Mike was unfortunately transferred from his "temporary" full time position to a "permanent" part time position.  Blah, but I have to say it was expected.  Either way it kind of put a damper on our economics.

March- A friend of mine actually moved in with us.  Technically.  She'd actually been living with us since January, but it was only temporary... until it became permanent.

April- I started my blog and told you all about our Wedded Bliss.  I also learned that diamonds can indeed break.

May- I told you about our Mothers Day and then about learning to use Iphoto.

June- I told you our awesome news about making new traditions.  I also discovered that I detest translating, but I love libraries.

July- I was mostly sick.  But I learned I could endure several weeks of constant nausea.

August-  I unfortunately shared the bad news.  And then I lost my Grandpa.  August is a really bad month in our family.  But I learned my own strength, and that when needed I can survive just about anything.

September-  I shared the things that made me happy.  I discovered that getting away is not the same as running away.  I witnessed the Running of the Weiners.  I described Football in our house.  And we remodeled our beautiful office.

October-  I shared important shit- like what the freak are Fast Flats.  And how to budget your money.  And that thing about loving myself, which I indeed think I have learned.  I also applied for Graduate school.

November-  I began freezer cooking.  Which I love, by the way.  I also confessed my desperate need for a dayplanner.  Oh, and did I mention?  I made a freakin' turkey!!!!!!!  

December- Mike turned a quarter of a century, and I am finally able to say that I have found what makes me happy.  Oh, and I have registered for my first semester of grad school.  :)

And by the power vested in me, and speaking for several others, I say "Goodbye 2010!!!! We've learned our lessons.  Now it's time to move on.  May we never see the likes of you again!"

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Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

It's been a crazy year! Hope that 2011 is better! Happy New Year!