Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Oktoberfest!!!!

So last weekend was Oktoberfest here in Zinzinnati!  It's one of the biggest in the country (supposedly) with the world's largest chicken dance (not the record I would prefer, but... to each his own).  One of the other things we have going on???  THE RUNNING OF THE WIENERS!!!!

We have 8 heats of 10 wiener dogs each- that's EIGHTY WIENER DOGS, folks!

At the end of the preliminaries, they held a final race of the winners from each heat.

This is why I love Zinzinnati!  Where else can you catch a glimpse of eighty dachsunds in hot dog costumes???

Finalist got an interview- Bark bark!

These owners were pretty intense, actually.

Lots used props to get the doggies to run!

I love this picture.  He's off the ground!

Some were in no hurry.  This poor feller was dead last.

That's Charlie- he was the winner 2 years in a row.  He set a record, I think.

Cookie here was another finalist.  He did NOT like the police officer on a horse.

AND the grand wiener is Gretta.  With the mustard costume.

Didn't matter to all- this guy was permitted to play with the forbidden toy- Tigger, there.

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