Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Yes, I took this picture.  And Corona didn't even pay me.  No, I'm not currently on a beach- I just wish I was.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Almost Panic Attack

Confession: I have never had a panic attack, so tell me if I'm wrong and I wasn't close to one.

So Mike and I have a baby bug. Eek!! We are a little short on cash so, although we are leaning toward baby Eek again!!! we are still working on making sure the finances are locked down.  It's looking ok.  It's not 100% perfect, but the worst case scenario is doable.  And that's the worst case.  Best case scenario we're great.

So I'm at lunch and I'm chatting about the idea of having a baby and the money involved with a friend who is a stay at home mother of 2 whose husband is currently stationed in Afghanistan coming home in a week or so!!!! She's all for the baby.  She says we'll figure it out.  I agree. She tells me how I'll get tons of diapers at the shower and how I should look into the WIC, who will help with formula.


WARNING:  I plan on sharing my opinion and you might not agree with me.

I am all about having federal and state help for families in need.  There are a lot of reasons to need help, and you never know when it could be you.  I fully support such programs because no matter who you are, what you do, where you've been YOU DESERVE A HEALTHY LIFE!!!! Your BABY deserves a healthy life.  I think it is the responsibility of a community (hear: county, state, country) to help those in need because a community is only as healthy as the citizens that make it up.  I also support universal healthcare.  Being healthy should be a fundamental right.  Not a privilege.

That being said, I am 110% NOT OK with planning to have a baby thinking you might need help from the government.  It is completely irresponsible.  It is 100% your job as a parent to make sure you can afford a family BEFORE you choose to have one.  Yes, things happen.  Fate has other plans.  Karma catches up with you.  This is why I agree with help programs.  However, you should NEVER PLAN to need help.  That's not what the help is for!

How do you respond to a statement like that?  Here's what I did.  I panicked.  I started thinking, what if my planning is off?  What if we aren't as ready as we think we are financially?  What if something goes wrong?  OMG what if we end up needing help? I checked, by the way.  We make too much money for WIC, which is actually a comfort to me. This thought process got me to the point of a racing heart, chest pains, blurred vision, hyperventilation and almost tears.  I did eventually calm down with some help of my loving husband and wonderful BFF.

This isn't the first time I've heard this sort of atrocity, however.  A few years ago, walking on campus I overheard a girl say she was "thinking about getting pregnant, because you know the government will pay for college" (in other, less grammatically correct believe it or not words)

Has any of you seen or heard of this?  I'm not naive (no sirree).  I know this goes on all the time.  I never EVER expected to have someone suggest it to me, though.  Have you?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Confessions of.....

the Chocoholic.

This weekend I've had a LOT of chocolate.  My gracious husband has even gone so far as to make a run to Kroger at 12:30 am (on his way home from work.  I'd NEVER ask him to do that if he were home and ready to turn in. yes I have)

This had to be my favorite out of everything this weekend!  It is a venti double chocolate chip frappuchino from, obviously, Starbucks.  How much did it cost you ask?  It was free.  That's right, you heard me.  Free.  All because about a month ago the lady at the drive thru got my order wrong.  No worries my restaurant friends, I was very polite when I asked for it to be fixed.  I'm no where near ok with treating people like s*** for a small fixable mistake.

I was so excited about it I couldn't even wait to take the pic before drinking half of it.

Also consumed over the weekend- 2 single serving molten lava cakes, Oreos, and chocolate cookies and cream ice cream.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend Wish- New window treatments!

So since Mike begins his new position in T minus 3 hours 11 minutes, we decided that we needed to add update our lack of window treatments.  I say window treatments because I normally hate traditional curtains.

When we moved into the house there were cheap curtain rods above the windows with Goodwill curtains the previous owner bought to "spice up" the otherwise mostly empty house.  All were taken down with the exception of the one that blocks the view of the neighbor's backyard.  I'm sure she likes her privacy as much as we like ours.  Our windows have been bare except for that one curtain and the clear plastic we put over them for the winter.

What we wanted
We were going to just buy blackout blinds and once we had some extra cash we'd put up some nice treatments.  However, the price of the blinds was higher than I liked for something that didn't add to the room.  So instead of buying three sets of blackout blinds, we bought something for the main window (it's rather large) that would add to the room.  We'll deal with the other two windows within the week... hopefully.

See: bare windows and an unmade bed.  We never make the bed.

Romeo isn't too happy.  Normally weekends are spent chasing toys and birds.

This is the boss.  He's managing quite well, is he not?

My station: Putting the screens together.

Three panels down (or should I say up?)

Mike loves using the camera too, even if I protest.

All done, minus the clean up.  But wow what a difference!

Oh, and don't mind the color- we are eventually going to paint the walls a deep red/burgundy color.  And maybe someday I'll get the guts to add a nice oriental design to the curtains.  I'm thinking bamboo outline or leaves?

How exciting!!!!  This weekend wish is just about granted!  And I love my new panels.  If they weren't so expensive, I'd do them in every room.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

2nd post and major shoutout

I have just spent most of my evening learning how to use a program I have had on my computer for over 3 years.

That's right.  3 years.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a new love.  It's name is Iphoto.

This is all made possible thanks to Rebecca.  Check out her FAQ section question 1.  I never knew I had the tools to create such awesome pictures like these:

You'll notice a few of these from their originals earlier

Healthy Living- Getting Started

The best place to start this new chapter is... well... Getting started, of course!

For all the history buffs
I've always been active.  Always.  I climbed cabinets and dressers as a toddler.  I was riding a bike earlier than I can remember.  I lived on a farm with a garden and lots and lots and lots to do.  My yard was a whole acre.  In school I played soccer at age 6, volleyball in 5th grade, tried track in 6th grade, and played softball all throughout the younger years.  High school was no different- I was in marching band, I rode horses, and I bowled.

College wasn't much different either.  I stayed with band, and still stayed pretty active withOUT all the activities- my campus was rather hilly.  But something happened AFTER college that NO ONE warned me about- the desk job.  I got lazy.  I worked.  I drove home.  I sat on the couch.  I was tired all the time.  I hated getting up.  I gained fifteen pounds!!!

I hated it!  I didn't like the way I looked or felt.  I couldn't fit in my clothes.  I never wanted to do anything.  So I made a change, and it took a long time to get up to where I'm at now- I eat better, I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and I have several workout videos/plans at home that are gaining dust in the family room.  I also feel more awake, which helps get more accomplished!

Have I lost all 15 pounds?  I have lost.... 7.  But hey, that's half, right?  And I'm on the right track.  Besides, gaining that weight actually wasn't horrible for me.  As long as I stay active.

How did I do it?  I cried.  a lot.  I bought a lot of tools, and then hated myself for it because I didn't use them.  I tried a gym.  Quit the gym.  Tried another.  I learned what a calorie was.  And only THEN did I get the absolute best advice of my life- "just for today"

Have you ever heard of the Biggest Loser?  Season 7 had an amazing run, and there were a few contestants that were unforgettable.  Namely, Tara Costa.  She's awesome.  Down to earth, too.  Her advice is simply this- "Just for today I will....."  Start off small, give yourself a goal "just for today" and pretty soon, you'll be setting habits, and working towards "just this week" or "just this month" (Bob Harper had a great one for April- no pop all month!).

And the last piece of advice- Find a support team.  I have my husband, who LOVES the changes he's seen in me and my attitude.  He's a huge support.  And I have Bob and Tara.  They don't know me, but they are there.  They answer my questions when I send them.  They give tips and inspiration every day.  And they lead me to more knowledge on healthy eating and such so I can make my own choices wisely.  I never knew how ignorant I was!  I thought I ate healthy.  I didn't eat candy, and I hardly drink pop, so I must be doing well, right?  WRONG.  I hardly ate veggies or fruits.  And my serving sizes were WAY TOO BIG!

I am unfortunately not being paid to support the Biggest Loser here (but hey, NBC, if you wanna pay me, I'm up for it!) But I will say that for the cost, their stuff can be worth it.  Their videos are rather extreme (extremelee difficult).  But their cookbook for the family rocks my socks, and the workouts aren't horrible if you have the willpower to do them.  So go out there and do some research and find a "just for today" slogan.

Just for today I will do both cardio and weights at the gym.  Normally my "just for today"s aren't such a huge challenge, fyi... it really is "just for today".  What are you doing "just for today"?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Introducing Healthy Living

I'm going to try to start a new series on here.  (I'm OCD in most ways, and I like organization and patterns.  Series are going to be my thing.  Sorry if you are annoyed by that.  A lot of my friends think it's funny.)  It's a fairly common topic.

HEALTHY LIVING.  This is not a very creative name, so if anyone can think of anything more interesting (and contains my all too favorite characteristic of having Lee in the title... you know, as in replacing "ly" as in Imperfectly?) I would be more than happy to change the name.

The idea will be to write about healthy ways to eat, workout, and maintain that happy lifestyle you already have.  After all, we all can't go on the Biggest Loser and spend 6 months away from our home and job... (I love that show, by the way.  If you haven't ever seen it, take a look with an open mind.  It's inspiring, and the contestants are so down to earth, it's amazing.  I've actually made contact with Tara (season 7) and love her to death.)

I'm not a healthy person per se.  I eat meat. I love skyline. I sit on the couch every night.  Chocolate is my weakness.  But I'm working on it.  Sometimes I get it right, and actually lose weight.  Other times I screw up and gain it back.  Right now, I'm maintaining my weight, which is actually what I want.  Please understand, I am BY FAR no where near being an expert.  These are just tips that I have found to be helpful, inspiring, or practical.  Sometimes I will ask for opinions, so please feel free to share.  Like all things, we can learn and work towards any goals we may have together.


Monday, May 17, 2010


It's back it's back it's back!!!!!


Easter morning began as any normal Easter morning.  I was getting ready to go to my aunt's house for Easter lunch.  As I go to put my beautiful ring back on after showering I drop it.  Towards the sink drain.


I panic.  I grab as quick as I can and thankfully it DIDN'T go down the drain.  Instead, I chipped the diamond!  (you can do that???? Yes.  Yes you can.)

Do you remember how long ago Easter was?  It was early April.  It has taken a WHOLE MONTH to have it repaired and returned.  

But it's back.  It's finally back!!!!  No more silly looks like I have three heads when I tell people I'm Mike's wife.  Yes, as sad as that sounds, I get those looks.  What?  An interracial couple in Cincy??? Which I don't really understand.  Look around.  WE'RE EVERYWHERE!

The ring at least helps us look a little more legit.  And let's be realistic- it's a gorgeous ring.  I may have pretty much picked out my own engagement ring, but that wedding band?  In that gorgeous gold?  All Mike.  I'm so proud of him.  I couldn't have done better myself.  And I've seriously never seen a wedding band that I think is prettier.  Sorry girls.  I know I'm biased, but it's true.  I. Love. My. Ring.  :)  It took about thirty pictures to get one that you could actually see the ring through the shine.  :) 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Belated Mother's Day

So I seem to have suffered a minor case of writer's block.  And the perfectionist in me has a few issues with the fact that I have about a million ways to write this post and about a million others to choose from for writing posting.

The blessing is that I've had that chance to read about everyone else's Mother's Day!  And I've seen some pretty good ones, like the emotionally uplifting to the rather sad (both by the same writer, I know.  I love her writing).  I've also witnessed a few Mother's Days from a few people.  Sometimes it's a challenge to find time, like my roommate who works 1 pm to 10 pm.  Sometimes it's just a phone call, like with Mike's mom, who lives 4 hours away.  And sometimes, it's hilarious, entertaining, and fun-filled, like mine.

I didn't buy my mom anything.  WHAT?!?!?!?! I know.  It might be sad, but my mom is... different.  She hates gifts.  She loves spending time with me (and my brothers).  She's my best friend, after all.  We work together, so we see each other 5 days a week.  So what did we do for Mother's Day?  Mike came up with a brilliant idea- let's go to the zoo!

But first, the best gift you could give her- All 6 of us kids took her to dinner (3 children, 3 significant others).  My brothers work at a casino.  They work different hours and ALWAYS work holidays.  We never get together all at the same time.  The last time was my wedding, actually.  10 months ago.

My mom LOVES the zoo!  And since we love our family, we ALL went.  My grandma, 2 aunts, 2 of my cousins, one of their significant others, her sister and HER fiance, my mom, Mike and I.  We spent a good while there.  My mom was the child of the group "I wanna see the birds.  I don't wanna sit down and eat.  I came to see the animals!"  haha.  We had so much fun!!!  I love our zoo.  If you are ever in Cincy, you really should make time to go, because it's wonderful!  We can feed the giraffes, hold the birds, chase the peacocks, eat Graeter's ice cream or Skyline chili (2 other big Cincy favorites!).

And did I take pictures for you?  Of course!!!!  not.  I tried!!!!  I swear I did.  I even brought my camera and took a few snapshots!  But then my battery died.  So to appease the crowd, I added some pics from one of our last trips.

Peacocks lived at the Cincy Zoo before it was the Cincy Zoo.

We can feed the Giraffes!!!!

Elephants are one of my faves- they always seem to be smiling.

We have 2 pairs of white lions- 2 male and 2 female.  Isn't he magnificent?  He was roaring on Sunday.

These Meerkats were super active!  I was lucky to get this shot!!!

There were babies!!!!  But they were sleeping behind a rock- not easy to see.

These 2 manatees were released into the wild in November or December.  We now have 2 more babies that were rescued.

Flamingoes!!!!  And no, they don't turn pink from eating shrimp, it's something that develops with age.  They are born white.

AND this is what I looked like FOR the zoo.  I love my hat, and my glasses looked pretty awesome with the outfit, I must say (new to glasses... I'm still getting used to seeing them on me.)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Weekend Wish- A Shaving Station

Confession- I hate to shave.  I avoid shaving.  In the winter, it's bad.  My hair, though, is blonde and very thin, so it's not the worst thing ever.  Right?

Here's my issue- for all the gentlemen out there, do you realize how long it takes to shave your legs?  There's a lot more skin than on your face.  Plus, there's more distance.  You have to reach your ankles (easy, right?) and the backs of your knees (ok, so you have to twist a little), and the back of your thighs (ok... seriously, I either need a mirror, or do it blind, because it's just not possible).

Problem two- I have yet to find a razor that works.  Really works.  There should be a balance between so tough it cuts your skin off or to pieces and so soft it just doesn't cut.  I like the ones I'm using now.  They are disposable venus something or others.  They do a decent job.  But that still isn't great.  I have to double check and triple check (like I said, my hairs are blonde and thin) because without a doubt, the second I finish and dry off, I find a HUGE strip that just refused to let go.  And my knees... They're rather bony, or have scars (knee surgery in '02 and '08) and the terrain is just not tolerable of shaving.

The biggest problem- that stupid shower!  I'm not the type of girl who likes to do things separately, so I don't sit on the edge of the tub and shave.  I try to shave in the shower.  On second thought, maybe I need to just try the edge of the tub because shaving in the shower requires acrobat-like abilities.  My legs have no where to go.  The lighting is poor.  It just isn't working.

I think a woman needs to design a shower.  A shower entirely based around the needs of a woman, because let's face it.  Men need less out of the shower.  Just a tall shower head and a place to put his all-in-one (or so he thinks?) soap/shampoo.  It needs to have a bench (not the old lady bench, people) and a couple extra ledges to place things like, say, your foot while shaving.  How about a decent razor holder?  All the ones I've seen or used suck. Hang a mirror off of the ledge so you can automatically see the back of your thighs.  Add a second shower head (a mini one) within arms reach to rinse either razor or leg without having to leave your position.  Shaving would be faster, easier, and a lot more convenient.

Does anyone else feel this way when they shave?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Moving on and up?

Congratulations to my wonderful husband who was offered a fantastic job today.  To recap- Mike is a movie whiz.  And when I say movie, I mean, writing, filming, editing, whiz.  He's fantastic, and personally, I think he would be AMAZING at making music videos (I'd show you examples of ones he's done for weddings, but he says he can't put them online without jumping through some hoops due to copyrights on the music).  

Our little snag, however, has been with the job market.  Do we live near a major film or tv location?  no.  Is the market Booming to where everyone wants to make a documentary (or mockumentary? or commercials?) no.  We live in Cincinnati in the middle of the Great Recession.  :(  Jobs in the movie/tv market in Cincinnati are scarce.

For a little while Mike held a temporary full time position here at a local news station as a promotions producer.  However, temporary only lasts so long, and they were able to keep him on... part time as a production assistant.

But as of today he is now a ............drum roll please..........

A part time editor!!!!  (Duh duh duh DAH).  Yes, it's still part time, but it's consistent hours and... and now this is the important part... He'll be doing what he loves!!!!

The hours aren't so hot, but they're actually better than what he's doing now.  He will be at work mostly 2 am to 7 am (ahhhhh!).  But think about it.  He'll sleep while I'm at work, I'll sleep while he's at work, we get to see each other EVERY EVENING!  He'll always be off on Saturdays.  Considering the alternative, I'm rather excited.

So hears a toast (raise that beautiful glass of wine, beer, tea that I just KNOW you're drinking) to Mike.  May this create a gateway into his dream career, where he can be discovered for his wonderful skills and become filthy rich, so I can become the sexy housewife I've we've always wanted me to be.  ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wake Up Little Suzie... Wake Up

(Yes I just showed my age)

Does anyone else have an issue with getting up in the morning?

I mean, I am most definitely a night person.  I HATE mornings.  Understood.  However, I used to be able to get up and leave for work by 6 am, after working until midnight 8 pm or 9 pm.  Now?  I better be in bed by 10 (I definitely have an issue tomorrow already).  Otherwise, I'm not able to even consider waking up before 6 (and I should be up at 5:30 to get out of the house on time without having to rush or ask Mike for help).  See my issue?

I've been doing this for over a year, though!  I work Monday through Friday 8-4:30.  I do this every week.  So after 365 days (more) I still can't get out of bed for work.  And I mean, I loathe getting out of bed.  I have broken alarm clocks.  Several.  Mike won't even let me use his.

Does anyone else have issues like this?  It's driving me nuts!!!!  And I'm sure Mike probably doesn't like it either.

Wordless Wednesday... On a Thursday.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bear with Me

Ok, so please be patient while I get this whole template thing fixed.  I didn't like most of the default ones, so I found one I liked online, but apparently it had issues.

I thought by changing BACK to blogspot's default templates would take care of it, but apparently it hasn't.  So in the next few days while I figure out how to fix the date (and a few other things) you may see some changes around here!

Eventually I'll have my own design up here.  I promise.  Once I learn web-talk.