Friday, April 30, 2010

Wedded Bliss

With the recent nuptials of my maid of honor, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my own wedding and just how happy that day was. So here are some of my favorite memories, with some of the pictures to take you back to the best day of my life so far.

The day actually started the night before. If only I had a picture of THAT! Mike didn't make it to the rehearsal. Traffic, and his family. Issues. He pulled in as we got out of the way for the other wedding party of the weekend (we were Friday they were Saturday). So the first thing he does is run over to his groomsmen's motorcycle, steals the helmet, and THEN comes to greet me (wearing the helmet for protection). Good thing I'm a laid back person. It was hilarious.

Dinner was actually pizza and bowling. It was a fun night for everyone! My "brother" won all the high score awards (he was only given one, though). My oldest brother won the award for being the "most experienced" (oldest) male bowler, which I found hilarious since my mom won for "most experienced" (oldest) female bowler. My scores were decent, and the kids had fun.

That night I stayed at my maid of honor's house. It stormed like crazy!!! I actually fell asleep around midnight, but the storm woke me around 1 or so, and from then on, sleep was this mystical thing I could never reach. Mike and I actually were texting around 3 am. I honestly wish I had locked those messages. Forever lost now, though. Oh well. Point being, however, that we were both awake.

After a very LONG night, the weather cleared up and we began our preparations. First, hair.

Scary looking at the time! But it worked out for the most part. We were mostly ready after the hair, though. Nails were the day before. Everything was in line.

I got to have lunch with my girls. They had received their presents at rehearsal, but it was nice to eat with them. We all had flowers in our hair for the big day, and it was gorgeous!

Mike had some fun too, although I wasn't a part of it.

Finally the ceremony began. It was outside, with friends playing music arranged by friends, and friends recording the video, and friends performing the ceremony. It was so absolutely personal, I still am amazed at how so very blessed I am. But by far the best part of the whole ceremony was the look on Mike's face when I walked in. I doubt anyone got it on camera (because of the whole "all eyes on the bride" thing) but trust me. Everyone should have seen what I saw.

This picture doesn't even come close to be honest, but it's the closest I got. It was priceless. The wedding continued and was all I ever wanted and so much more.

The reason we chose the site was because it had a great outdoor ceremony location as well as a reception hall on site. NO DRIVING!!! It was wonderful. The dinner was amazing, although I only got a few bites. We had our toasts, and our first dance, and we ate some AMAZING cake. It was an absolute blast. I have to say, though, there were a few moments I particularly loved.

My husband sang to me. :) He sang to me. With his boys. It made me cry.

My mom danced, and my brothers danced (notice everyone is a step behind him, though). I was surrounded by everyone I know having a blast. I don't think a single person had a bad night.

Not even my new nephew (ish? Second cousin? Mike's cousin's son).

The boys sang with Mike. It's a tradition of the fraternity. Sort of a way to show support as we all move forward in life. It also made me cry. I unfortunately don't have a picture, but it was great.

My family actually got to see the real Mike. It was a new experience. Mike is rather quiet when you don't know him. Once you GET to know him, though, he's the center of the world. It was shocking to them, I must say.

Probably one of the nicest moments, however, was celebrating with our friends who had recently been married as well (within the last 7 days).

It was unforgettable. I am absolutely the most blessed woman on the planet.


V said...

YAY! I can post now!!!! I found you on 20sb and just love your blog! Welcome to the fam... and congrats on the beautiful wedding.!

Lynzie said...

I'm glad you enjoy it, and thanks for the compliment!