Saturday, March 19, 2011

11k in 2011- Rockabye

I love this author.  I read her blog, which is quite amazing.  I've been meaning to read this for quite a while, and after finishing it, I think every mother or mother-to-be should read it.

The back of the book:

"Rockabye is Rebecca Woolf's heartfelt and often hilarious account of what happens when an irrepressible young city girl gets pregnant by accident and decides to keep the baby and marry the boyfriend.  Forced to come of age almost overnight, Woolf charts her transformation from odd-job doing, commitment-phobic, chain-smoking party girl to wife and mother, trying to adapt to and at the same time rebel against the stereotypes and responsibilities of modern motherhood.  Woolf never relinquishes the qualities of her free-spirited, pre-baby self as she clanneges herself to grow up without outgrowing her dreams while embracing motherhood in a style wholly her own."

The bibliography:

Woolf, Rebecca.  Rockabye.  Berkeley, CA: Seal Press, 2008.

You can find the book here, or at your public library (support the libraries!).

Total pages: 283

Total pages for 2011: 1,645

Remaining pages to read:  9,355

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Fridays

My "to blog" list is getting rather large.  I've been extremely lazy lately.  My house is a wreck, I haven't freezer cooked, I barely do laundry, Mike cleaned the bathroom last, my blog is a little lazy (no pictures lately... boo), and you really should see my knitting pile.  It's bad.  Oh, and that reading thing.  The book I'm on is rather boring, to be honest.  Who would have thought?  It's Robin Hood.  I'm trying to finish it this week, but I'm behind.  So behind.

BUT!  Today is a very happy Friday indeed.  I took my last full vacation day at my current company.  I woke up and ate, tried to read, and then fell back asleep.  We had Red Robin for lunch, and then I went and bought $25 worth of books for $5 (because I bought a groupon a while back).

Today is a very good Friday indeed.  Next up- hopefully doing some organizing with my knitting projects.  Get some things in order.  Get some to-do lists and timelines hatched out.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wee Bit of Me- March 9

{one} what color is your kitchen?
A creamy color of sorts.  One day it'll be a beautiful red.  Still debating the shade, though.

{two} do you have a good luck charm?

{three} do you prefer to write with a pen or pencil?
Pens.  I only use pencil for puzzle things.

{four} can you use chopsticks?
I'm married to someone who is half Chinese (and loves his culture).  That's a big affirmative.

{five} do you prefer baths or showers?
Showers.  I don't like water.  I'm like a cat.

{six} what is your favorite salad dressing?
I will only eat Ranch dressing.

{seven} can you sing the alphabet backwards?
I can.  It's really hard, though.

{eight} do you have any allergies?
Cats irritate my eyes.  Pollens bother my nose.  Nothing much, though.

{nine} crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

{ten} have you ever hitch hiked?
No.  It sounds way too dangerous- I just think of "There's Something About Mary" every time I think of hitch hiking.  The answer is a big fat no.

Friday, March 4, 2011

11k in 2011- Alex and Me

I loved this book- it touched my personal interest yet was also very much an intelligent, scientific book.  It was very interesting, and as a former bird owner, very touching.  And the best part?

The author is coming to the downtown library tomorrow!  She'll sign books and answer questions (of which I have absolutely none...) and the zoo is going to provide some parrots to see!  I can't wait.

I'm still very very behind on my reading challenge.  But I'm catching up!  Yay

The back of the book:

"'You be good.  I love you.' were Alex's final words to his owner, research scientist Irene Pepperberg, before his premature death at age thirty-one on September 6, 2007.  An African Grey parrot, Alex had a brain the size of a shelled walnut, yet he could add, sound out words, understand concepts like bigger, smaller, more, fewer, and none, and he disproved the widely accepted idea that birds possess no potential for language or anything remotely comparable to human intelligence.  Alex and Me is the remarkable true account of an amazing, irascible parrot and his best friend who stayed together through thick and thin for thirty years- the astonishing, moving, and unforgettable story of a landmark scientific achievement and a beautiful relationship."

The Bibliography:

Pepperberg, Irene M.  Alex and Me.  New York: Harper-Collins Publishers, 2009.

You can find the book here, or at your local library (support the libraries!).

Total Pages: 226

Total Pages for 2011: 1,362

Remaining pages to read: 9,638