Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting Away is not the same as Running Away

Hi, everyone!  I'm back, and hopefully starting fresh.  I honestly wanted to "start fresh" on Monday, but I was on a plane, and then I was reunited with my hubby and my puppy and that da** cat.  It just didn't happen.  And then catching up Tues and Wed because I was gone all weekend meant that it didn't happen then, either.  OH WELL!  Here I am.

I went away.  No, literally.  I got up Friday morning nice and early and caught a small little plane to Philadelphia, PA.  I spent about 30 minutes trying to locate my aunt.  Apparently you arrive at the departure entrance to terminal F and then you must take the escalater up to the skywalk, then the skywalk over to the escalator, then the escalator down to the ground again to be at the arrivals exit.  Weird, since no signs told me to do so.  Anywho, I arrived in sunshiny Philadelphia and spent a blissful long weekend with my aunt, uncle, twin cousins, and grandma.  It was heaven.

I mean really... That cup of ice cream?  Divine.  Heaven!  It was chocolate ice cream with reese pieces, cups, and peanut butter in it.  Scrumptious!

The twins ride horses.  They are obsessed with horses, actually.  They're 8.  So Friday I had the liberty of watching their lesson, where they proceeded to jump.  Which I think is scary and I ride horses!  At one point the li'l pony literally RACED to the jump.  I seriously thought Sydney would scream and fall, but no.  She did tremendous!  They both did.

Meanwhile I babysat their puppies.  This pic was NOT taken during the time of my babysitting.  This was the next day, after receiving 3 vaccinations.  They are shepherd mixes.  Beautiful, fun, and intelligent.  I was only slightly jealous.  So was someone else.

I love this guy.  Who incidentally missed me lots.

Anywho, PA.  Right.  We also went riding as a group, and I was reminded of just how much I miss my farm, riding, my own horse, who is now fatter than fat normally allows, and riding in general.  They gave me the fiesty "Sarge".  He was a fat stock horse.  He had an attitude, something about thinking he's the boss?  Guess we know where he gets his name!  He promptly attempted to shove me into every fence we walked past, ate an entire buffet's worth of corn, alfalfa, and just any sort of grass in general, and pretty much refused any suggestion or more of going faster than a walk.  It was a blast!  I loved Sarge.  I was rather jealous of my uncle, though.  They gave him Marshal, a former race horse.  I would have LOVED to get him on the barrel course they had set up!  Or the pole bending.  Oooooooh how awesome that would have been!

Speaking of my awesome uncle, you wouldn't believe what he's found!  

That, my friends, is the original deed or rather a digital copy of the original deed to the farm I grew up on.  Apparently it was originally bought by my seven-times-great-grandfather in 1825.  That there document?  Signed or stamped, it might not actually be his signature by Mr. John Quincy Adams!  How freakin' awesome is that?  I've got to figure out where it is.  I want to see the actual thing!

We also spent the weekend setting up their new classroom.  The girls will be home-schooled this year.  I used to think that was a bad idea.  Until I left Indiana and saw that some parents are intelligent enough to do it correctly.  It looks exciting, and I'm insanely jealous of the girls and coincidentally their mom.  She'll love it too.

And by the end of the 4th day, when I was flying home, I realized I hadn't thought of something for 90% of the trip.  This is probably the exact opposite of what it was like at home.  And while I still think of it quite a bit now that I'm back, it's not so bad or as often.  I'm not as sad, now.  That weekend away really really really ten times over helped me let go.  And while it'll probably always hurt, I was totally ok when my grandmother told me that I don't need to get pregnant.  I was shocked.  and it came out of the blue with a rather negative tone.  I think I even laughed!  Had that happened day one of the trip it happened on the last day I would have burst into tears.

So let's raise our glasses to getting away!  Vacations are just sometimes necessary.  Especially when life gets to be overwhelming.  Now if I could just lose that extra weight... But that's another story in and of itself!

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