Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oops... Now I feel Naked.

I forgot my purse today.

Not horrible- it has my wallet, but I bring my lunch to work, so I don't need money.  And if I get pulled over or have an accident, whatever I have my license number memorized (it's supposed to be a good trick).  It has my ipod, but I carpooled today, so we chatted instead of listened to music.  It has lots of other things that sometimes are important, but to be honest, there was only one thing that really really is upsetting me.

I forgot my dayplanner.

I'm a creature of habit.  And I'm an accountant.  I NEED MY DAYPLANNER!  It has due dates.  It has my checklist of things I need to get done.  IT IS VERY CRUCIAL TO MY SUCCESS AT WORK!

THANKFULLY I'm an accountant.  This means most of my job repeats from week to week, so... it's mostly memorized and I can do something with my time other than twiddle my thumbs.

But I still feel naked.  Like I'm forgetting something.  Like I'm going to freak out tomorrow when I have to remember what I did today and check things off my list.

It sucks.

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