Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Ever read that book?  It's actually very cute.

Today has started off that way, although I won't lie- the title's a little bit of an exaggeration, much like in the book (seriously, find a kid as an excuse and read it).

Ever wake up late?  I did.

AND as the 9 weeks along tends to produce massive attacks of nausea, I had to eat right away.  Normally if I'm running late I'd skip breakfast.  Haven't had that opportunity for a while.  So I ate cereal in bed.

And then proceeded to violently sneeze.  My long, yet to be styled hair ended up IN the cereal.  Gross.

Do you know how to get milk out of your hair?  You don't.  I tried everything but washing it (cuz seriously... I woke up 15 min before I had to leave).  It still has issues even now.  Tonight I'm hopefully getting my hair cut.  They can get it out.  I've been known to go to salons with all kinds of crap in my hair (I won't discuss the worst, because seriously it's the saddest story you can hear and I don't want to cry myself, let alone make you cry).

So obviously I got out the door late.  So late, in fact, that Mike was pulling in as I left.  This is NOT a good sign.  I usually cross paths with him around the half way point.  And he wasn't running ahead of schedule.

Oh, and my cat killed a moth this morning.  That he chose to leave in the living room for all to see.  Gross.

I get to the parking lot.  I see it's sunny.  I leave my umbrella in my car.  We walk the 10 minutes in (Mom and I park together).  We get all the way inside, and THEN she mentions "oh, it's supposed to storm today".  Seriously?  You couldn't have said this AT THE CAR???

So here's to all of you out there with the same type of day- that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day where in the end we'll arrive for a haircut late, with milk in our soaking wet hair from the storm.  Have a drink for me, please, because that's the other part... I can't.

Nor can I take the pain meds I so want for my back.  Must have slept on it wrong.  Le sigh.

For the record- yes, I'm a complainer.  But usually life is happy, so when I get the chance, I try to make it humorous.  That was my intent here.  Did it work?  Oh, and the pain meds- I hate taking meds, but one dose of advil and my back would be as good as new.  So sad.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Joys of a New House

We have reached a stage in our lives.  It's called "Everyone we know buys a house" Stage.

I can't help it.  I'm competitive and proud.  I compare.  It's a sin.  I'm going to hell.

I'm green with envy.

We bought our house for a few reasons.  1- We honestly didn't have a LOT of money to work with, and our house is actually valued around twice as much as we paid.  It's big for what we paid.  But it's bare bones.  It's very neutral in decoration.  The doorways aren't pretty arches.  The wood floor isn't finished.  The windows are all old.  The walls are all one. neutral. boring. color.  It also has some issues- the people who loved it before us really loved it, but they weren't handy, and you can tell.  They tried, though.  I give them a B for effort, sound good?

Another reason we bought it- the bare bones were exactly what we wanted.  Several smaller rooms.  Open living space.  Lots of storage.  A nice back yard (oh the backyard!  I love it). New carpet, appliances, kitchen. 

But then I see places like my buddies'.  They bought older houses.  They have issues that I can see, and I'm not saying their houses are better or that I even want their houses.  But they have things already in place.  Such as beautiful wooden archways.  Oh, the archways!  I'm such a sucker for character in a house.  No a/c?  Oh well.  They have arches!

Or my friend just built a house.  It's gorgeous.  It has everything they want.  Of course it does.  They built it!  They spent months living somewhere else while a crew built everything to their specifications.  I personally love the idea.  Maybe if we eventually sell our house (maybe.  I love our house) we will build one. 

I just wish I could make my house more presentable.  I'm so lazy.  The house is a mess (I have an excuse right now, though).  The projects are semi-planned to completely mapped out.  They just aren't moving.  Someone motivate me please?  I really want someone to be green with envy over MY house. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Many Apologies

I'm so sorry I haven't written in over a week.  A WEEK!!!!  I just can't believe it.  At first I thought it was because nothing has happened, but that's honestly a lie.  Soon I will update you with some interesting posts- a friend flying into town, seeing a movie, all day morning sickness, and golf lessons.  So there's your preview.

The topic to cover first- of course it's the morning sickness!!!!

First- how extremely gross.  Pregnancy is supposed to be about glowing, and being uncomfortable in your skin but happy, and there's the emotions and cravings, right?

Wrong.  At about the 6.5 week mark I gradually noticed the icky feeling becoming stronger and lasting longer.  Eventually I was literally sick ALL FREAKIN' DAY!!!  It lasted about a week while I tried to reign it in.  Turns out, I'm learning.  Small meals just about every hour.  If I get up in the middle of the night I should eat some crackers.  Don't eat foods that smell bad.  Don't eat foods that make your stomach turn.  Don't eat a whole meal.

I have not had the total package deal, thankfully (PLEASE knock on wood for me) and I'm hoping that with the few tricks I've learned I can avoid it.  So far I'm doing well today, which is the first in several days, although I have gradually gotten better at it.  I didn't eat lunch today, which is usually the trigger.  I ate slightly less than half a lunch.  I will eat the rest in an hour or so.  I will eat some crackers about an hour after that.  I have a peanut butter sandwich for just before I leave work.  All this because there's something the size of a blueberry in my womb?  CRAZY.

So there you have it.  It's the totally lame excuse real reason I haven't posted an update.  Being sick takes all your energy.  But now that I'm feeling better I hope we can keep each other posted, mmmk?

AND if you're interested- I'll be 8 weeks along on Sunday.  I have gained 3 pounds, but I also weighed myself at a completely different time of the day and at least 2 of it was probably from that.  I'm tired, but not too badly exhausted.  I have to get up in the night to use the facilities, but that's the only difference there.  So far the biggest issue has been my stomach and finding the right combination of timing and food to please it.  My nose is an excellant companion in that department.  Mike brought home chicken for his dinner.  The idea of it disgusted me... until I smelled it.  I devoured half before he could eat it.  lol.  Poor boy.

Romeo has also changed- I think he knows something's up.  He's been extremely clingy and totally ignores Mike when I'm in the room.  He has also started sleeping in between Mike and I, which is new.  He's always gotten in the way, but now it seems intentional compared to before.  Like he's protecting me?  From Mike?  Weird.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Healthy Living- Yes you CAN cook

I'm really bad at this healthy living thing.  I swear I want to do the segment, but... I'm just not that healthy to be honest.  Like I said in the beginning.  It's a work in progress, and it needs a lot of help!

But while I'm not the healthiest person you know, here are some excellent reads from people who are.

My dear friend wrote this short essay.  It's in a contest, so feel free to read others and make a vote.  You can find her essay here.  Keep in mind it's meant as a motivation, though.  It's not quite a "how to".  I'm sure if you want a "how to" I can probably convince her to write a guest post or something?  She loves cooking.  

Another wonderful lady, whom I rave about constantly does a segment called "eat well" and so far she's covered some things that I gotta be honest, I'd never even heard of!  But it looks yummy and her kids eat it.  How can you pass that up?  Check them out on her blog.  She has a few awesome posts titled Eat well-... 

And if you're interested, I have a mean chicken pot pie recipe from Paula Deen.  I worked on it a little, and after some serious math skills, I discovered it's not even that bad for you!!!!!  Of course, I said I made some changes.  Took out some butter, added a few more veggies.

Do you have any favorite recipes?  What are your secret guilty foods?  Mine is anything chocolate.  What are your favorite health foods?  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Belated 4th of July

I must admit- this is my absolute favorite time of year, and always has been.

Summer is the best season.  Yeah yeah, I know it's hot, but there are so many ways to relieve the heat!  Jump in a pool, slip on a slide, hang out in the shade, oil up and take a nap... or drink.  I dont' do a lot of the last, but you know... It's supposed to help.

I am a summer baby.  I love the heat and all it's glory.  I love to camp, to swim, to ride horses, to drive in convertibles, and to have fun outdoors.  You just can't do that as much in the winter. 

But what I love most- the fireworks.  They have always amazed me.  It's partly because I can't quite wrap my head around them.  How do they make the shapes?  Seriously, how do you pack explosives in a way to send things in a certain direction?  I can understand the chemistry of the lights and the sounds and the timing.  It's the shapes that are mind boggling. 

But they're gorgeous.  Seriously, who doesn't love fireworks?

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Dreaded Father's Day

I wrote this post a couple weeks ago, but couldn't post it immediately.  It's a delicate subject, ya know?

About 3 years ago my Dad's company held their bi-annual company picnic at King's Island.  As someone who was working there, I managed to wiggle my schedule enough that I would at least get to see him that morning (July was by far the busiest month at the park).  Mike and I spent all morning with them.  We split up pretty early, and it just felt odd.  I mean, I had to obtain Mike's ticket- my dad found an excuse for not getting him one.  Everyone knew how tense Dad was about me dating someone who wasn't (and still isn't) white.

That was the last time I saw my Dad.

I was having a birthday party in a month and everyone at the party already knew I was moving in with Mike in September.  Everyone except my Dad.  So a few weeks after the trip to KI, I called him up and let him know.  It didn't go over so well.  We yelled, we got disconnected, he called back and yelled at me for hanging up on him (I was driving- I went through a bad signal spot).  We yelled some more.  He hung up on me.  I called him back 4 times.  Finally his wife answered and said he didn't want to speak to me.

I could sit here and say I was absolutely shocked.  But unfortunately that would be a lie.  I was totally expecting it.  Doesn't mean that the actual words didn't hurt.  They still hurt today.  You wouldn't believe how many different ways I've learned to cope with the pain.

6 months later Mike proposed.  I wrote my Dad a letter.  I told him about it, and told him how much I missed him, and asked him to participate.  That Mike and I were an Us now.  Not just me.  He wrote back and turned every nice thing I said into something hateful.  He was mean.  I gave up.  I responded with every thought that I had formed and told him how awful he was for doing this.

1 year and 6 months later- It's Father's Day (oh how I hate this day).  One of my best friends was married 2 days earlier, Mike's best man was married the day before.  Our wedding was in 5 days.  It was my last shot- I called him.  It went exactly as I had expected.  He shot me down.  He even had the nerve to say "Had I voiced my opinions sooner, maybe things could have been different."

I hate Father's Day.  Today marks the 1 year anniversary of that horrible call.

But today is going to be different.  We're starting new holidays for us.  Not ones where we celebrate our own Father's, but one where we celebrate us as parents.

Happy Father's-To-Be Day, Mike.  I love you.  And yes, I'm terrified.

This also explains the lack of posts lately.  Because, quite frankly, when you have one big thing on your mind, it's hard to NOT write a post about it.  Now that I have, I will try my best to keep my blog from being over-run with pregnancy posts.  Please keep in mind I said TRY.