Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Belated Mother's Day

So I seem to have suffered a minor case of writer's block.  And the perfectionist in me has a few issues with the fact that I have about a million ways to write this post and about a million others to choose from for writing posting.

The blessing is that I've had that chance to read about everyone else's Mother's Day!  And I've seen some pretty good ones, like the emotionally uplifting to the rather sad (both by the same writer, I know.  I love her writing).  I've also witnessed a few Mother's Days from a few people.  Sometimes it's a challenge to find time, like my roommate who works 1 pm to 10 pm.  Sometimes it's just a phone call, like with Mike's mom, who lives 4 hours away.  And sometimes, it's hilarious, entertaining, and fun-filled, like mine.

I didn't buy my mom anything.  WHAT?!?!?!?! I know.  It might be sad, but my mom is... different.  She hates gifts.  She loves spending time with me (and my brothers).  She's my best friend, after all.  We work together, so we see each other 5 days a week.  So what did we do for Mother's Day?  Mike came up with a brilliant idea- let's go to the zoo!

But first, the best gift you could give her- All 6 of us kids took her to dinner (3 children, 3 significant others).  My brothers work at a casino.  They work different hours and ALWAYS work holidays.  We never get together all at the same time.  The last time was my wedding, actually.  10 months ago.

My mom LOVES the zoo!  And since we love our family, we ALL went.  My grandma, 2 aunts, 2 of my cousins, one of their significant others, her sister and HER fiance, my mom, Mike and I.  We spent a good while there.  My mom was the child of the group "I wanna see the birds.  I don't wanna sit down and eat.  I came to see the animals!"  haha.  We had so much fun!!!  I love our zoo.  If you are ever in Cincy, you really should make time to go, because it's wonderful!  We can feed the giraffes, hold the birds, chase the peacocks, eat Graeter's ice cream or Skyline chili (2 other big Cincy favorites!).

And did I take pictures for you?  Of course!!!!  not.  I tried!!!!  I swear I did.  I even brought my camera and took a few snapshots!  But then my battery died.  So to appease the crowd, I added some pics from one of our last trips.

Peacocks lived at the Cincy Zoo before it was the Cincy Zoo.

We can feed the Giraffes!!!!

Elephants are one of my faves- they always seem to be smiling.

We have 2 pairs of white lions- 2 male and 2 female.  Isn't he magnificent?  He was roaring on Sunday.

These Meerkats were super active!  I was lucky to get this shot!!!

There were babies!!!!  But they were sleeping behind a rock- not easy to see.

These 2 manatees were released into the wild in November or December.  We now have 2 more babies that were rescued.

Flamingoes!!!!  And no, they don't turn pink from eating shrimp, it's something that develops with age.  They are born white.

AND this is what I looked like FOR the zoo.  I love my hat, and my glasses looked pretty awesome with the outfit, I must say (new to glasses... I'm still getting used to seeing them on me.)


Shawn Tina said...

hello dearie! thanks for the kind words on my blog. families are tough. but you're right - i'll get through it, it's all about staying strong. i'm having to wrassle up reserves of moxie that i hid away.

this post totally makes me miss the DC Zoo. magic times. though, i can't recall if i ever saw a peacock OR a flamingo.

rie said...

I live in Northern KY, and reading this reminded me that when I come home in a month or so, I need to visit the zoo!

Lynzie said...

You really should! I love the zoo. It's probably the most amazing thing Cincy has to offer... and I love a lot of things in Cincy! Have fun and check out Kroger for discounts. Sometimes they have things like that going on!