Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend Wish- New window treatments!

So since Mike begins his new position in T minus 3 hours 11 minutes, we decided that we needed to add update our lack of window treatments.  I say window treatments because I normally hate traditional curtains.

When we moved into the house there were cheap curtain rods above the windows with Goodwill curtains the previous owner bought to "spice up" the otherwise mostly empty house.  All were taken down with the exception of the one that blocks the view of the neighbor's backyard.  I'm sure she likes her privacy as much as we like ours.  Our windows have been bare except for that one curtain and the clear plastic we put over them for the winter.

What we wanted
We were going to just buy blackout blinds and once we had some extra cash we'd put up some nice treatments.  However, the price of the blinds was higher than I liked for something that didn't add to the room.  So instead of buying three sets of blackout blinds, we bought something for the main window (it's rather large) that would add to the room.  We'll deal with the other two windows within the week... hopefully.

See: bare windows and an unmade bed.  We never make the bed.

Romeo isn't too happy.  Normally weekends are spent chasing toys and birds.

This is the boss.  He's managing quite well, is he not?

My station: Putting the screens together.

Three panels down (or should I say up?)

Mike loves using the camera too, even if I protest.

All done, minus the clean up.  But wow what a difference!

Oh, and don't mind the color- we are eventually going to paint the walls a deep red/burgundy color.  And maybe someday I'll get the guts to add a nice oriental design to the curtains.  I'm thinking bamboo outline or leaves?

How exciting!!!!  This weekend wish is just about granted!  And I love my new panels.  If they weren't so expensive, I'd do them in every room.

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