Monday, May 24, 2010

Confessions of.....

the Chocoholic.

This weekend I've had a LOT of chocolate.  My gracious husband has even gone so far as to make a run to Kroger at 12:30 am (on his way home from work.  I'd NEVER ask him to do that if he were home and ready to turn in. yes I have)

This had to be my favorite out of everything this weekend!  It is a venti double chocolate chip frappuchino from, obviously, Starbucks.  How much did it cost you ask?  It was free.  That's right, you heard me.  Free.  All because about a month ago the lady at the drive thru got my order wrong.  No worries my restaurant friends, I was very polite when I asked for it to be fixed.  I'm no where near ok with treating people like s*** for a small fixable mistake.

I was so excited about it I couldn't even wait to take the pic before drinking half of it.

Also consumed over the weekend- 2 single serving molten lava cakes, Oreos, and chocolate cookies and cream ice cream.

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