Thursday, May 20, 2010

Healthy Living- Getting Started

The best place to start this new chapter is... well... Getting started, of course!

For all the history buffs
I've always been active.  Always.  I climbed cabinets and dressers as a toddler.  I was riding a bike earlier than I can remember.  I lived on a farm with a garden and lots and lots and lots to do.  My yard was a whole acre.  In school I played soccer at age 6, volleyball in 5th grade, tried track in 6th grade, and played softball all throughout the younger years.  High school was no different- I was in marching band, I rode horses, and I bowled.

College wasn't much different either.  I stayed with band, and still stayed pretty active withOUT all the activities- my campus was rather hilly.  But something happened AFTER college that NO ONE warned me about- the desk job.  I got lazy.  I worked.  I drove home.  I sat on the couch.  I was tired all the time.  I hated getting up.  I gained fifteen pounds!!!

I hated it!  I didn't like the way I looked or felt.  I couldn't fit in my clothes.  I never wanted to do anything.  So I made a change, and it took a long time to get up to where I'm at now- I eat better, I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, and I have several workout videos/plans at home that are gaining dust in the family room.  I also feel more awake, which helps get more accomplished!

Have I lost all 15 pounds?  I have lost.... 7.  But hey, that's half, right?  And I'm on the right track.  Besides, gaining that weight actually wasn't horrible for me.  As long as I stay active.

How did I do it?  I cried.  a lot.  I bought a lot of tools, and then hated myself for it because I didn't use them.  I tried a gym.  Quit the gym.  Tried another.  I learned what a calorie was.  And only THEN did I get the absolute best advice of my life- "just for today"

Have you ever heard of the Biggest Loser?  Season 7 had an amazing run, and there were a few contestants that were unforgettable.  Namely, Tara Costa.  She's awesome.  Down to earth, too.  Her advice is simply this- "Just for today I will....."  Start off small, give yourself a goal "just for today" and pretty soon, you'll be setting habits, and working towards "just this week" or "just this month" (Bob Harper had a great one for April- no pop all month!).

And the last piece of advice- Find a support team.  I have my husband, who LOVES the changes he's seen in me and my attitude.  He's a huge support.  And I have Bob and Tara.  They don't know me, but they are there.  They answer my questions when I send them.  They give tips and inspiration every day.  And they lead me to more knowledge on healthy eating and such so I can make my own choices wisely.  I never knew how ignorant I was!  I thought I ate healthy.  I didn't eat candy, and I hardly drink pop, so I must be doing well, right?  WRONG.  I hardly ate veggies or fruits.  And my serving sizes were WAY TOO BIG!

I am unfortunately not being paid to support the Biggest Loser here (but hey, NBC, if you wanna pay me, I'm up for it!) But I will say that for the cost, their stuff can be worth it.  Their videos are rather extreme (extremelee difficult).  But their cookbook for the family rocks my socks, and the workouts aren't horrible if you have the willpower to do them.  So go out there and do some research and find a "just for today" slogan.

Just for today I will do both cardio and weights at the gym.  Normally my "just for today"s aren't such a huge challenge, fyi... it really is "just for today".  What are you doing "just for today"?

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