Friday, May 7, 2010

Moving on and up?

Congratulations to my wonderful husband who was offered a fantastic job today.  To recap- Mike is a movie whiz.  And when I say movie, I mean, writing, filming, editing, whiz.  He's fantastic, and personally, I think he would be AMAZING at making music videos (I'd show you examples of ones he's done for weddings, but he says he can't put them online without jumping through some hoops due to copyrights on the music).  

Our little snag, however, has been with the job market.  Do we live near a major film or tv location?  no.  Is the market Booming to where everyone wants to make a documentary (or mockumentary? or commercials?) no.  We live in Cincinnati in the middle of the Great Recession.  :(  Jobs in the movie/tv market in Cincinnati are scarce.

For a little while Mike held a temporary full time position here at a local news station as a promotions producer.  However, temporary only lasts so long, and they were able to keep him on... part time as a production assistant.

But as of today he is now a ............drum roll please..........

A part time editor!!!!  (Duh duh duh DAH).  Yes, it's still part time, but it's consistent hours and... and now this is the important part... He'll be doing what he loves!!!!

The hours aren't so hot, but they're actually better than what he's doing now.  He will be at work mostly 2 am to 7 am (ahhhhh!).  But think about it.  He'll sleep while I'm at work, I'll sleep while he's at work, we get to see each other EVERY EVENING!  He'll always be off on Saturdays.  Considering the alternative, I'm rather excited.

So hears a toast (raise that beautiful glass of wine, beer, tea that I just KNOW you're drinking) to Mike.  May this create a gateway into his dream career, where he can be discovered for his wonderful skills and become filthy rich, so I can become the sexy housewife I've we've always wanted me to be.  ;)


Lynzie said...

On a more technical note, I know this is probably the umpteenth time I've changed the layout and format and all that jazz. Nothing I did was working the way I wanted it to!!!

Anyways, I love my new layout, the design, and everything is WORKING!!!!! :) The date is up (correctly) I was able to put my widgets on the side bar, and now the comments are working! :) I'm super excited and ready to move out of the "creating" stage of blogging. :) Welcome to ImperfectLee Happy. I hope you come back often!

Just Another Distributary said...

Good luck Mike!!!