Monday, July 26, 2010

The Joys of a New House

We have reached a stage in our lives.  It's called "Everyone we know buys a house" Stage.

I can't help it.  I'm competitive and proud.  I compare.  It's a sin.  I'm going to hell.

I'm green with envy.

We bought our house for a few reasons.  1- We honestly didn't have a LOT of money to work with, and our house is actually valued around twice as much as we paid.  It's big for what we paid.  But it's bare bones.  It's very neutral in decoration.  The doorways aren't pretty arches.  The wood floor isn't finished.  The windows are all old.  The walls are all one. neutral. boring. color.  It also has some issues- the people who loved it before us really loved it, but they weren't handy, and you can tell.  They tried, though.  I give them a B for effort, sound good?

Another reason we bought it- the bare bones were exactly what we wanted.  Several smaller rooms.  Open living space.  Lots of storage.  A nice back yard (oh the backyard!  I love it). New carpet, appliances, kitchen. 

But then I see places like my buddies'.  They bought older houses.  They have issues that I can see, and I'm not saying their houses are better or that I even want their houses.  But they have things already in place.  Such as beautiful wooden archways.  Oh, the archways!  I'm such a sucker for character in a house.  No a/c?  Oh well.  They have arches!

Or my friend just built a house.  It's gorgeous.  It has everything they want.  Of course it does.  They built it!  They spent months living somewhere else while a crew built everything to their specifications.  I personally love the idea.  Maybe if we eventually sell our house (maybe.  I love our house) we will build one. 

I just wish I could make my house more presentable.  I'm so lazy.  The house is a mess (I have an excuse right now, though).  The projects are semi-planned to completely mapped out.  They just aren't moving.  Someone motivate me please?  I really want someone to be green with envy over MY house. 

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Distributary said...

Paint goes a long way and once you get started, it's not so bad.