Friday, July 16, 2010

Many Apologies

I'm so sorry I haven't written in over a week.  A WEEK!!!!  I just can't believe it.  At first I thought it was because nothing has happened, but that's honestly a lie.  Soon I will update you with some interesting posts- a friend flying into town, seeing a movie, all day morning sickness, and golf lessons.  So there's your preview.

The topic to cover first- of course it's the morning sickness!!!!

First- how extremely gross.  Pregnancy is supposed to be about glowing, and being uncomfortable in your skin but happy, and there's the emotions and cravings, right?

Wrong.  At about the 6.5 week mark I gradually noticed the icky feeling becoming stronger and lasting longer.  Eventually I was literally sick ALL FREAKIN' DAY!!!  It lasted about a week while I tried to reign it in.  Turns out, I'm learning.  Small meals just about every hour.  If I get up in the middle of the night I should eat some crackers.  Don't eat foods that smell bad.  Don't eat foods that make your stomach turn.  Don't eat a whole meal.

I have not had the total package deal, thankfully (PLEASE knock on wood for me) and I'm hoping that with the few tricks I've learned I can avoid it.  So far I'm doing well today, which is the first in several days, although I have gradually gotten better at it.  I didn't eat lunch today, which is usually the trigger.  I ate slightly less than half a lunch.  I will eat the rest in an hour or so.  I will eat some crackers about an hour after that.  I have a peanut butter sandwich for just before I leave work.  All this because there's something the size of a blueberry in my womb?  CRAZY.

So there you have it.  It's the totally lame excuse real reason I haven't posted an update.  Being sick takes all your energy.  But now that I'm feeling better I hope we can keep each other posted, mmmk?

AND if you're interested- I'll be 8 weeks along on Sunday.  I have gained 3 pounds, but I also weighed myself at a completely different time of the day and at least 2 of it was probably from that.  I'm tired, but not too badly exhausted.  I have to get up in the night to use the facilities, but that's the only difference there.  So far the biggest issue has been my stomach and finding the right combination of timing and food to please it.  My nose is an excellant companion in that department.  Mike brought home chicken for his dinner.  The idea of it disgusted me... until I smelled it.  I devoured half before he could eat it.  lol.  Poor boy.

Romeo has also changed- I think he knows something's up.  He's been extremely clingy and totally ignores Mike when I'm in the room.  He has also started sleeping in between Mike and I, which is new.  He's always gotten in the way, but now it seems intentional compared to before.  Like he's protecting me?  From Mike?  Weird.


Distributary said...

I assume Romeo is your dog? If so, I'm interested to know what else he does as your pregnancy continues!

Lynzie said...

Yes. Romeo is our Chihuahua Yorkie. Also known as a Chorkie. He's adorable, extremely lovable, and 100% a mama's boy. I should post his pic on here... hmmmm.