Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Belated 4th of July

I must admit- this is my absolute favorite time of year, and always has been.

Summer is the best season.  Yeah yeah, I know it's hot, but there are so many ways to relieve the heat!  Jump in a pool, slip on a slide, hang out in the shade, oil up and take a nap... or drink.  I dont' do a lot of the last, but you know... It's supposed to help.

I am a summer baby.  I love the heat and all it's glory.  I love to camp, to swim, to ride horses, to drive in convertibles, and to have fun outdoors.  You just can't do that as much in the winter. 

But what I love most- the fireworks.  They have always amazed me.  It's partly because I can't quite wrap my head around them.  How do they make the shapes?  Seriously, how do you pack explosives in a way to send things in a certain direction?  I can understand the chemistry of the lights and the sounds and the timing.  It's the shapes that are mind boggling. 

But they're gorgeous.  Seriously, who doesn't love fireworks?

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday.

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