Friday, February 4, 2011

Putting the Happy in Fridays

Lately my Fridays have been rather drab.  While I'm perfectly happy with that, it hasn't been much to write about.  BUT!  ALAS!  today is the day I bring back the Happy Fridays.

Here is why today is a Happy Friday-

1- Mike quit his second job last week, which means I've seen him 7 nights in a row!!!!! 
2- Our bedroom is painted!  We'll be moving back in tomorrow (hopefully.  Sans curtains, though) (Pictures to come, I promise)
3- I have finally been ousted, and it's no longer a secret- I was recently hired by Procter and Gamble.  :)  I have 7 more weeks at my current job and then I will be training!  I'm rather excited.
4- Friday is always pay day
5- We have a date night planned tomorrow.  And it will hopefully be free (thanks to a giftcard)  :)  YAY!!!!!

So this weekend will consist of rebuilding the bedroom, buying lamps and some sort of darkening shades, a date night, and majorly cleaning my poor neglected house.  :)  I'm excited. 

And reading.  So much reading.  I'm currently in the middle of Marley and Me (which is tons better than the movie).  I want to finish it this weekend.  I'm slightly behind on the reading challenge (as of Friday I was only 1 page behind).

So what are your plans lookin' like?

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