Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu Monday- Freezer meals!

Has it seriously been a week since I blogged???  And where are those pictures I promised you?

I have a few posts written, and pictures on my camera.  I swear.  I just need to upload them so I can post them!  I will I will I will I swear.

Just a preview- I was really really ecstatic about the way a certain meal came out last week.  Also, I should have some Halloween pics if anyone else took them I was bad... I didn't.  Maybe some homecoming pics? And this week I hopefully will be... dum-du-du-dum! RUNNING!  I'm terrified, but hey... it'll be worth it, right?

So the menu, right.  Just a quick pre-note: We are trying something different in our house.  We keep trying to take baby steps towards saving money and time.  So this week we planned out the whole MONTH of meals (that's gonna help a lot).  THEN we went shopping for 2 weeks worth of meals at 3 stores.  We are trying to do the whole "freezer cooking" idea.  Eventually I will shop for a month at a time (at Sam's) and have one big cooking day where I freeze just about everything I can for a whole month of meals.  But since this is our first time, we only did 2 weeks worth because I honestly think it'll last a lot longer than 2 weeks.

But it was SO EXPENSIVE!!!!  Ok, it probably wouldn't have been $300 but we needed a lot of other things like laundry detergent and toilet paper and cat food.  We bought those at Sam's too, and seriously.  If they don't last a whole year, I'll be shocked (ok... 3 months).  We won't need things like that every month, so to me, we didn't do so bad.  Oh, and we had to renew that membership too.

So this week, I have already cooked everything!  Here's the menu-

Breakfast- egg whites, turkey bacon, and chocolate chip-banana muffins
Lunch- Rich and Meaty Chili, cornbread, and applesauce

Monday- Maple Glazed Chicken, rice, and veggies
Tuesday- Beef Stroganoff, rolls, and veggies
Wednesday- Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday- Chicken Pot Pie (there's a lot of it)
Friday- Spaghetti, Rolls, and veggies
Saturday breakfast- Waffles, eggs and fruit smoothies
Saturday dinner- Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings and veggies
Sunday breakfast- Cinnamon Rolls, Sausage, and Peaches
Sunday- Taco Salad (not made yet due to needing fresh veggies)

You'll see a lot of repeat foods in our house, because we love our favorites, and it's hard for me to find new things that I'll like.  I'm kind of picky.  Plus, obviously with freezing meals, we'll probably have more left overs than I anticipate.

Oh, and here's the link up.

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