Monday, October 25, 2010

Menu Monday- Halloween time!

There were a lot of meals last week that I didn't end up cooking, oddly enough.  Mainly because everyone was so busy!  We had a football game, and I was helping my mom pack for her big move this week... So we weren't always home.

That means?  That means a lot of meals from last week are now on this week's menu!

Monday- Chicken alfredo with peas and corn
Tuesday- Cheeseburger macaroni with carrots and green beans
Wednesday- Maple Glazed Chicken, rice, and broccoli
Thursday- Chicken, mushrooms and tortellini in ragu with green beans
Friday- Chili (I've been dying to make this for weeks) with cornbread
Saturday breakfast- Biscuits, eggs (egg whites), turkey bacon, and fruit
Saturday dinner- left over chili (Homecoming weekend with Halloween party)
Sunday breakfast- toast, eggs (egg whites), turkey bacon, and fruit
Sunday dinner- Tuna mac.  YUM!  It's easy, it's processed, it's so unhealthy, but yum-o.

Breakfast for the week is a cinnamon bagel with a banana.  And coffee.
Lunch for the week is soup and sandwiches with applesauce again.
Snacks- grapes and string cheese.

I'm going to attempt to drink more water, but it'll be tough today because I forgot my waterbottle that clearly marks the ounces.  Oops.

Oh, and I'm linking up- need ideas for your own menu?  There are tons right here!!!!

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