Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summertime goals- Learning to Golf

Last winter my mom gave me a beautiful set of golf clubs for Christmas.  They are a gorgeous bright pink and the nice part- some of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research.  (They are the Wilson Hope Set.  Ignore the price, we paid a lot less.  AND the darker pink that's not so pretty in the picture?  It's kind of purple-ish and so much prettier in person).

Anywho, I'm not exactly a golfer.  I played my first round last fall using a combination of my brother's clubs and a friend's clubs.  I loved it, but I wasn't that great.  Who is, though?  At least when they start.  Seriously, this game is hard!

So to fix the problem at hand, I got clubs for Christmas and then took a beginner class this summer with my mom.  OMG what fun!!!!  I learned a TON!  I can't wait to actually USE those skills, but... hey... on a driving range I look pretty good!  (Who am I kidding?  I probably still look like a beginner, but I can tell I've improved).

I'm so excited about how much I learned this summer, and it's nice to say that I actually accomplished something.  I spent my whole life loving summers (summer vacations, time off from school, even my summer job) and now it seems like they just don't exist any more.  The seasons are merely an annoyance (heat.  cold.  ice.  rain.)

Happy summer experiences, everyone!

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