Monday, August 2, 2010

Can you eat a whole thing of Mac N Cheese?

And I don't mean a box of Kraft.  I'm talking one of those microwavable things from Bob Evans that is so rich and creamy you honestly WANT to eat the whole thing even if you can't.

I'm getting pretty close to the bottom.  And I've already eaten a yogurt (ok, that was a few hours ago) a ham sandwich, and a thing of veggies.  YIKES!

I'm not trying to eat the whole thing, though!  I need to save some for tomorrow's lunch.  But seriously, I'm. Hungry.

But the good news is the Doc says that since I'm 10 weeks along, I should be past the worst of the sickness!!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!!  Here's to hopefully feeling much much better in the next few days/weeks (I'm hoping for the former).  Maybe I'll even feel good enough to post a few pics!  Haha.  Maybe. 

This is a rather stupid post, I must admit.  However, it's a Monday, mom is on vacation, and this office is SO SUPER QUIET today that I honestly just want to run down the halls screaming.  My desire to keep my job prevents me from doing so, so instead I'm here blabbing to you about mac n cheese.

Mac N Cheese that I couldn't even stomach last week.  So progress already?  Here's to hoping!

Did any of you crazy moms have crazy cravings?  I know we were in the grocery store last night, and I saw ice cream and INSTANTLY had to buy a VERY SPECIFIC item.  Right. Then.  Edy's Dibs- the chocolate ones.  Unfortunately they were out of the chocolate ones.  I nearly cried.  I wish I was exaggerating.  Maybe I'll try again tonight.


Anonymous said...

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Lynzie said...

Maybe? I'm not very tech saavy- what do you mean by exchanging links? AND your comment is anonymous.