Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend Wish- Many more weekends just like this

This weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of my beloved wedding.  What on Earth are we doing to celebrate, you ask?

We have a whole weekend of plans.

First, we are hopefully buying me a new car.  We say hopefully because we are ONLY buying the new car if the deal is exactly what they say it is.  We aren't going to go crazy and up our monthly expenses if we can avoid it.  So here's to hoping.  I'm in love with the Carmine Red Toyota Yaris 5 door hatchback!

Then, if I can convince my very thrifty husband (thankfully.  Because we all know I'm most certainly not the thrifty one in this household.) to go shopping, we are going to update our wardrobes.  Mainly, I need shoes and tops.  We both need jeans.  He probably needs socks.  Stuff like that.  We all know how badly things can get worn... And our wardrobes need some help lately.

After a long evening running around and stressing over cars and clothes, we are going to enjoy an absolutely scrumptious meal at Benihana's.  Or, at least I think we're going to Benihana's.  It's our favorite.  We never actually said where we were going though... Ah the communication of a married couple.

And then we'll head home, where I will fall asleep from utter exhaustion.

Ah, yes, a totally unique and awesome weekend ahead.  Ok, so it's not a vacation, or a super awesome gift, but it's exactly what we like.  We aren't big on huge celebrations.  We are pretty much a happy couple all year round, and while we understand that it's a big occasion, we also understand that there will be many more for years to come (hopefully.  Don't wanna jinx it.)

Enjoy the beautiful weekend, everyone!

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