Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Great Debate!

I have a forbidden love interest- a new (er) car.  I currently own a beautiful 3 yr old Toyota Yaris, that I happily love.  However, it has some issues- like accessability.  It's a wonderful 3 door hatchback with a large spacious interior (Surprise!  Most people think they're TINY inside.  But they aren't!  I promise).  However, the problem is it only has 2 doors to the front- and very poor access to the back seat. 

Not a big deal, I guess.  But then they came out with the FIVE door hatchback, and I instantly fell in love.  It was everything I needed!  But alas, my car was still very new, and if anything, Mike's car needs replaced.  It's 6 years old, and running GREAT.  But the dashboard is crapping out.  The speedometer rarely works at all.  The gas gauge is starting to fail as well.  We're hoping the RPM continues to work, but who knows?

AND then there's finances.  Mike's car was paid off.  His parents bought it for him (something about his awesome grades freshman year?) and we've only had to carry insurance on it.  Buying him a new car isn't exactly in the works yet. 

BUT THEN!!!!  The plot thickens.  Toyota has massive recalls all over! (The yaris was never on the list.  I'm very happy for that.)  They've lost a ton of business!  This is horrible news, right?  Not for us!  My dealership offered me 0% interest for 5 years and a guarantee that if I trade in my current Yaris, I can get a new car for the same monthly price!  So basically, yeah they're gonna tack on a few years to the loan (maybe?) but for the short term, it doesn't hurt us financially!

OOOOH those sneaky car salesmen.  They really did it this time.  What do you think?  It's a good deal, right?  It's the car I've been wanting, it's not going to kill us financially, and to be honest, we're gonna want a bigger car eventually and the deals aren't going to get any better.

Am I right or am I right?  Opinions?  Am I being dooped?

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