Saturday, April 24, 2010

Into the Mind Behind the Blog

Lately I've been reading a lot of blogs, searching for the right community where I fit in. I have found some remarkable blogs. I have found blogs I love, blogs I hate, interesting blogs, and boring blogs. I have found a group of women that I would love to be a part of. I have found a few of those women to be admirable. I envy some of the things they have in their lives, even. But the most surprising thing that I have found in my search- myself.

Corny, isn't it?

It's true though. I still haven't found that blogging community where I fit in. I found one that I love, and at the same time I know it'll never be for me, because while there are several things I have in common with them, there are a few MAJOR differences. Finding those differences was like having an epiphany, because that's where I learned who I am.

Get to the good stuff, Lynz...

This blog is going to be about my husband and I. We have no quirky nicknames. We are simply Mike and Lynzie. We are 24 and 23, respectively, and while we can't wait for the future to come, we really want to live our lives right now. We aren't wealthy, which has been a hindrance, I'll admit. I'm pretty sure we don't even count as middle class at the moment. Mike is a videographer (freelance) and a production assistant. I'm a jr. accountant. He has found his calling where I have not.

Oh, and maybe this makes us interesting, and I'm sure it'll provide some interesting posts now and then. Mike and I are an interracial couple. Mike is biracial- Chinese and African American. I'm Caucasian. We both love culture, though. He really embraces all aspects of his heritage (even speaks some Mandarin) while I have a love for hispanic culture. My degree is in Spanish (little good that it does me). I also was supposed to get a certificate in Latin American Studies. I earned it. It just never showed up. Some day I'll question that. Haven't gotten around to it yet.

I constantly change my mind. I'm a perfectionist. I start a lot of projects and never finish them. I feel overwhelmed a LOT. So much so that I can sit all day and get nothing accomplished simply because I don't know what to do first. It's an issue. I'm working on it.

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