Monday, May 2, 2011

To cry while the world celebrates

I started the day with this tweet: 
Obama has had quite a good weekend. Good day to be an American.
I ended the day (so far) with the following post to facebook:
A man died today and the world cheered. While he was very clearly atrocious, all it does is make me think back to that dreadful day so many lost their loved ones. I worry about the families who now have to relive that, and I feel for a nation that is now erupting in political warfare over who gets to claim this "victory". In truth, we all lost. They just happened to lose last.

I've been rather conflicted all day.  I was happy at first.  What great news.  Finally.  And even if you don't care about the events, it was great for Obama (yes, I'm a supporter). 

But it just feels weird celebrating someone's death.  I'm pretty agnostic, so I honestly don't feel the "let God bring him to justice now" type of emotion.  I honestly wish I believed that.  Maybe I would feel better about things.  But alas, I don't.  So of course, the conflict continues.

This just doesn't seem like a victory to me.  It really isn't.  It's an act of war, yes.  I'm against the war (I still strongly support our boys fighting, however).  I believe all people are good.  Those who make mistakes are often misled, uneducated, or were abused in some way at some point in time.  They are not born that way, and if they turn out that way, then we as society have failed them.

In the end I feel like a 5 year old can say it better than I can.  I've linked you to her blog in the past- her son is a sage for sure.  Wiser than anyone I've ever met, I swear. 

I guess in the end I am a little reassured that he is gone.  And while I don't agree with killing, I think it was probably the safest solution for the world, for my country, and for my future children.  I will mourn the loss this world has seen, however.  Not just this one man's death, but the several who had to suffer a cruel death 10 years ago, and also those who are now reliving those deaths today.  And if I ever pray, it is most certainly for the children today asking all of the innocent questions that no one should ever have to explain. 

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