Friday, April 22, 2011

A new master

A long long time ago, in a world that really does seem far far away, we redecorated the master bedroom!

The idea is to get one room done at a time in this house.  A year and 4 months into living here, and we've officially finished 1.  The master will be number 2.  And now baby's room will have to be number 3.  At this pace, the baby will be sleeping on an air mattress on the floor because I'm so freakin' slow at this.

Anyways, off the tangent.

Our bedroom was blah.  Very blah.  The rooms were an ugly creamy neutral (not to be confused with the pretty creamy).  We had 1 bedside lamp that was a broken fake Tiffany's UC lamp.  One window had a goodwill curtain covering it, the other nothing.  The back window at least had nice panel curtains, though.

See how awful it looked?

This was the only picture I took of "before".  Oops.

So first we had to move the furniture around.  And THAT means we got a new bedroom, temporarily.

(That's a preview of the future baby's room, by the way).  Irony is we found out we were HAVING a baby while sleeping in that room.

So first we painted.

The three window walls are a beautiful yellow, and then the wall with the closet and doorway are a rich chocolate reddish brown.  It matches the furniture almost perfectly!  I was so thrilled.

So then we moved the furniture back in and bought new side lamps.

We also re-hung the window panels, and my mom helped me make curtains (one set... the other set is still waiting by the sewing machine).  And we also bought some nice matching frames and hung a few pictures from our honeymoon.

This is my favorite:

I really need to get a good couple of pictures of the whole room, but that would mean making the bed and cleaning up the mess.  Oh, and probably finishing that last curtain (don't worry- the goodwill curtain is still covering the window).

It's a beauty, though!  I love my new room.  The lamps are perfect, the colors are just what I imagined, and the curtains match to a T!  

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