Monday, January 10, 2011

So I have no menu today.  I don't know what we're eating this week, because quite frankly, once you freezer cook you don't really look at the menu so much.  I know tonight is leftovers of Benihana's (sans Benihana.  It was delicious).  I think I have maple chicken on the menu, and I know there are shredded chicken sandwiches and tacos.  Other than that?  Who knows!  So I'm not posting a menu this week.

But today!  Today I start classes, officially.  Yeah, I already watched the intro and did the first 4 tasks for my one class that starts today.  But I'm sure he'll post a lecture soon and then I'll have homework, and maybe I should consider checking to see if I have school supplies?  Because I haven't yet.  I have the book, though.  And 2 chapters to read this week.

At least I can count the textbook reading assignments towards my 11k for 2011, right?

Wish me luck!  I just might need it.

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Caroline said...

Luck! And cheers :)