Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Monday- Picky Eaters

Dear future children- please be like your father and eat everything.

I don't deal with picky eaters well.  It's frustrating. 

My mom is a picky eater.  And when I say picky I don't mean to a huge extreme.  Just mainly vegetables.  Green vegetables.  And we put vegetables in pretty much everything we cook.

So naturally, when she stays with us (which is twice a week- she commutes to work, so it helps her out), dinner is a little bit of a challenge.  There are a few meals that I make that she likes.  But not a lot.  So I plan it all out.  And then Mr. Snow comes along and changes her schedule.  Now it's Monday, she's staying with us tonight, and the pot pie or beef stroganoff I had planned for when she was coming are frozen solid.


I guess I'll make the dinner tonight and throw the veggies in after she gets her portion?  I think that'll work.  I'm not really good at this "adjusting" yet.  How do you all do it?  I don't want her to feel she has to get her own food, and I don't want her to feel bad because we have to change our menu.  How do you balance things?

Anyways, here's the menu

Monday- Chicken Alfredo
Tuesday- Spaghetti
Wednesday- Maple Chicken
Thursday- Beef Stroganoff
Friday- Pot Pie
Saturday breakfast- Eggs and Biscuits
Saturday dinner- Eating out! (We still have 1 more giftcard from Xmas)
Sunday breakfast- Pancakes?
Sunday dinner- Maple Glazed Chicken

I had planned on packing Chili and cornbread for my lunch this week.  However, I used an old stockpot for the chili (I had made a double batch) and it was too thin of a pot- it burnt the chili.  I froze it anyways hoping it would be fine if I didn't scrape the bottom... But it tastes burnt.  I couldn't even eat it.  How awful to waste so much chili! (A double batch, people...)  So now I have a dilemma- do I go to the store and buy ingredients to make the chili again?  Or do I just buy cheap-y soup for lunch?  I can't decide.

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Caroline said...


I think your beef stroganoff may have single-handedly saved me from dying of starvation after my wisdom teeth surgery. <3 !

Lynzie said...

Yay! I'm glad I saved the day! It is rather yummy.