Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Health Insurance Dilemma Solved

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So where were we?  Oh yes.

The dilemma was the group plans at work don't match our needs or financial means.  BUT we can't switch to an individual plan because what if our situation were to change in 9 months (because it seriously most likely... will)?

Then my mother, the genius, had one of her brilliant ideas that for some reason I didn't think of.  Not sure why, because once I saw it, it made perfect sense!

I will get a plan for myself through work.  And only for myself.  It's HSA eligible, so I can start that up as well.  And then, for Mike, we will get him his very own individual plan (because obviously he won't be getting pregnant).  And sadly, Mike's plan is better than mine (by a lot.  His deductible is half of mine with all the other benefits remaining the same) and it's only $3 more per month than what I will pay for mine.

So problem solved.  We don't have a crazy $6,000 deductible and we are only spending $3 more per month.  And, since I'm not changing plans, there is no worry about a "what if" situation- it's covered.  Plus, since Mike's plan is HSA eligible too (Health Savings Account for those who aren't up on those things), we can both use my HSA.  Simple.  Affordable.  Nicely covered.

Yay.  Now we can go hurt ourselves without the worry of not knowing what's covered/what's not.  And if YOU have any questions, by all means.  I can answer them.  I probably know health insurance policies better than some who sell them.  No joke. 

**Insert "I can't wait for the Healthcare Reform Act to fully come into play" statement.  Pregnancy as a pre-existing condition?  That's just shitty. (And we'd qualify for a credit (I think)!)"

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suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic] said...

It's crazy, the health insurance games one has to play. :/ Glad to hear you found one that works for you!