Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wedded Wednesday- When Sickness Sinks In

Mike... Is sick.

You see, Saturday was the last home football game of the season.  If you remember, we always go.

Except Saturday it was snowing.  It snowed early, and snowed all day.  And it was freakin' cold.  I stayed home.

But Mike- he went.  He kind of has to.  It's kind of his job to record things, and the last game is Senior Night for the band.

And as a result- he's sick.  But not like normal sick.  Oh no, this time, he can't stay home, and he has 2 jobs.  I haven't been able to take care of him, because he works while I'm at home, and I work while he's at home.

It's kind of been a sort of torture.  I hate not being able to take care of him.  I hate that I sit there wondering how he's feeling, and hoping he doesn't feel guilty because he can't do things, or hoping that he's not doing things because he really shouldn't.

And the worst of all?  Mike never gets sick.  So if he was able to catch this, then I will most definitely catch this.  He never gets sick!  I do every year.  This just isn't looking good for me.

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