Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Friday!

Fridays are my favorite and least favorite days of the week.

Favorite- it's pay day.  it's also "new line on the budget" day (meaning I have spending money again, or at least we hope).  it's also the start to the weekend (which is actually my favorite time of the week).

Least Favorite- It's pay day.  And in accounting that means that anyone who's check is off by a penny blames me.  I get a lot of complaints. 

But it's Friday!  :)  I can endure the complaints as long as I get my weekend.  And Mike is officially done with his second job today.  :)  This makes me extremely happy.  Poor?  yes.  Happy?  Extremely.

So what's the plan for the weekend?

I'm going to be running tonight after work.  And then doing a "minor" workout (I think it's a major workout, but Shorty SWEARS it's hardly anything at all...) So afterwards I plan on reheating a freezer meal (Beef stroganoff, anyone?  or maybe spaghetti?).

The weekend will definitely include:
Walking Romeo (probably both Sat and Sun)
Cleaning (bathroom and kitchen.  Ew, gross)

The weekend SHOULD include at least something from this list:
Washing the car
Sorting through the garage
Re-arranging furniture
Organizing/Editing pictures
Organizing recipes
Creating an Address book
Raking leaves
Cleaning gutters
Date night
Mapping out Christmas and Thanksgiving
Writing (thank you notes, journal entry, blog post, something)

The weekend will MOST LIKELY include:

So my wish for this weekend?  Relaxation.  Last weekend was just way too busy.  I apologize for not having a blog post.  It was too busy for pictures, and we lost the football game.  And our halloween costumes didn't turn out as well as we hoped.  Oh well, we'll do better next time!

Have a happy weekend!

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