Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Menu Monday- On a Tuesday

It occured to me that I do this a lot- write a post a day late, ya know?

It also occured to me that I don't think I've blogged much lately besides our menu.  I will work on that.

Today's budget sucked.  I went over for Thanksgiving, but there were things I hadn't predicted like a roasting pan for the turkey I didn't know I was cooking.  Oh what's that?  Why yes, I am actually cooking my first turkey.  Ever.  I also needed wine for my turkey and myself.  (who doesn't, right?)

Ok, so the menu:

Monday- we had leftover pot roast!
Tuesday- Maple Glazed Chicken with rice and veggies
Wednesday- Chicken Alfredo
Thursday- Thanksgiving will be at my aunt's house with the usual turkey, spoonbread, green beans, dumplings, sweet potatoes, green stuff, jello salad, rolls, and of course pumpkin pie.  I will be making the mashed potatoes and the apple dumplings (a delicious dessert).
Friday- Leftovers, anyone?
Saturday breakfast- Waffles and smoothies!!!!
Saturday dinner- Probably more leftovers.  But if not, we have stuff to make chicken sandwiches.
Sunday breakfast- Biscuits, bacon, eggs, and fruit
Sunday dinner- Thanksgiving again!  Dinner with my brothers, where I will be making the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

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