Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Decisions- Big Plans

So maybe I hadn't mentioned it on here, but at one point Mike and I had everything pretty much figured out.  We were gonna have a baby.  Then in a year I'd go back to school.  And it would just continue from there.

But then mother nature got in the way.  And put a wrench in our finances.  A major wrench, unfortunately.  So we took a few months to recoup emotionally, and to take another look at our finances to think of a new plan.

We have finally made (and acted on) that decision.  I am going back to school effective immediately (or as soon as I'm accepted).  The baby will be added to the picture once we are more financially stable (again... good grief).  This will be when Mike gets a full time job.  As of right now he has 1 part time job.  We would be doing well if he got a second, but then we'd be back to him never being home.  Sucky, right?  So we're waiting for a full time job.

NOT that it would be required.  But given our financial situation, it would be.

Anyways, off my tangent- back to topic- I'm going back to school!!!!!

I have applied at Kent State University to obtain my masters in Library and Information Sciences.  That's right, folks.  I want to be a librarian.  My career path was a hard choice for me.  I've stewed for ages and ages.  But I finally made the decision based on the fact that I can really get exactly what I want out of life in that specific career.  I want to run a children's library.  I would be around kids.  I would be helping people (and working for a non-profit, which is really what I want).  I can use my Spanish.  And I'm sure, seeing as how a library is so family oriented, it would be a great place to work while having a family. (I must note that I have had the same career plan for 6 months now.  WOOHOO!  That's probably a record for me!)

I'm very excited about going back to school.  I've missed it.  I've missed having a lot to do and places to go and things to study.  And I'll be working towards a career that I'm sure I'll love.  AND I will be able to use my bachelor's degree, which has yet to really be done.  Oh, and did I mention my cousin has been attending the same program for a year now?  We'll be career-buddies!!!!  :)

Yes, I'm very excited.  And I feel the loans I'll need to accomplish this are going to be well worth it in the end.  I can't wait!!!!


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Best of luck with going back to school!!! It will be worth it!

Caroline said...

Wait - You're getting an MLS? That's what you're going to school for? THAT IS AWESOME!