Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedded Wednesday- Dates on a Budget

This is more of a fail, than a how-to.  FYI. 

My hubby and I love each other very much.  :)  But he works a TON right now, and opposite my work hours.  Plus, we don't really like the same things that much, so we don't spend a lot of time together. 

So we have begun to have weekly date night.  Every Saturday night.  The problem is we always end up spending all of the cash budgeted for the week on that one night.  NOT GOOD!!!

So how do we fix this??  Does anyone have any great date night ideas that are low budget?  We usually do dinner.  It's easiest.  But with wine and dessert it always costs a fortune.  Plus it gets boring.

So here are my ideas for the upcoming weeks- this week we have plans with friends to go to Shadowbox Cabaret.  Next week I'm thinking bowling?  Or maybe putt-putt?  I know... cliche, right?

Maybe we should do a picnic in the park one week while it's still nice enough to do that.  And we could take Romeo.  Not so romantic with the dog, but lots of fun.

UGH.  I wish we were rich.  That would just solve all most of our problems.

Also- Happy 50th post.  WOOPIE

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