Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking a quick break

I know it's been over a week.  I apologize.  The idea behind this blog is to discuss happy things, and we've had some major issues of our own and I'm not quite down with bringing everyone down.

For a quick re-cap, though, if you are at all interested, we found out last Monday about the miscarriage.  However, there were complications, so I had to go in for a quick surgical visit THIS Monday to clear up some issues.  For the record- between the fear of the complications and the pain of the loss, last week was probably the worst week of my life.

That's in the past now.  To be honest, I might not feel so good now had I not had last week to compare this week to.  It's been bad as well.  Unfortunately whilst I was in surgery on Monday my grandfather passed away.

PLEASE don't go thinking I'm running emo on you and turning into a depressed sour puss, but it's just been a little rough.  In all fairness, however, I must say that my grandfather has been extremely sick for a very long time.  He's been in and out of hospitals, rehab, nursing facilities, more hospitals, etc etc for going on 4 years now.  He was doing pretty well until about March, I'd say, but since has been in quite a lot of pain and really taken a turn for the worse.  It's almost a relief to see that he has passed on and is no longer in pain.  We will certainly miss him, though.  He always had a smile and a wink.  He told everyone just how good lookin' they were.  He always had a laugh, and he LOVED his Reds.  I hope they continue to kick butt this year, just for him.

Basically life has been a little chaotic lately.  I'm going to probably not write for another week, but when I come back I promise to be on cue for happiness and the fun quirks of life, simply because it has to go on.  It does go on.  Who knows, maybe I'll even have an organized plan for my blog!!!!  We'll see... we'll see...  Oh, and I'll have pictures.  I promise.


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...


Take your time! I had a miscarriage this summer as well... I hope that you heal quickly and take time to mourn.

Come back when you are ready. We'll miss you!

SERENA said...

Big hugs to you! Can't wait to have you back!