Thursday, June 10, 2010

Healthy Living- Running

Confession- I fell off the wagon.

Ironic, since I had literally just written the first Healthy Living post.  I will save the "falling off the wagon and how long it takes to get back to your seat" post for a later date.  Also- I'm hopefully back on the wagon... or atleast trying to catch up with it.

Today's topic- Runners.  I hate them.  I absolutely hate them.  WHY???? you ask...

I'm absolutely putrid green from jealousy.

Runners have small waists.  They have muscular legs.  They can endure all sorts of pain and hardships.  They have a hobby, and most runners are committed to keeping that hobby.  They have great posture.  I have absolutely NONE of that.

I want to be a runner SO BAD!!!!  I've tried for years.  I joined track in middle school, only to find out running caused asthma attacks.  I became a long jumper- a SMALL long jumper (who had zero success).  So I ran in gym in high school.  Once.  A friend of mine convinced me to run 2 miles with him on a track.  I SUCCEEDED!!!!! and nearly died the next day.

I've tried again throughout college.  On a treadmill (Did you know that Cincy is rather hilly?).  I stunk at it!!!  My knees hurt, my ankles hurt.  I finally got that stupid inhaler.  I quit.

I tried again.  This time taking advice from The Biggest Loser Tara Costa (Did you know that I love her?).  Walk 9 min, jog 1.  Repeat 3 to 6 times.  Gradually change the numbers so that you start walking less and jogging more as time goes by.  It worked!  I could do it!!!  Except... I wasn't doing something right.  My hips hurt.  I mean the actual bones in my hips hurt.  It felt like I had no cartilege.  It was extremely painful.  And not a good painful as muscles tend to get from exercising.  It was bone shattering intense pain.  It took over a week to recover.  And by recover I mean walk without wanting to cry.

So, as jealous as I am, I'm afraid I might have to give up on running.  Are any of you guys runners?  How did you get started?  Was it hard to start off?

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Just Another Distributary said...

I am totally with you on this! I want to run and can't as well.

I can walk and do the eliptical, but I just cannot run. My bones hurt too and no matter how much water I drink my throat feels ice cold and hurts.