Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Date Night Magic

Last night Mike and I decided we would have a date night.  We don't get these very often, mainly because of our budget being so tight.  Since he made some money with a recent freelance project need a videographer, anyone?) we decided we'd use the money threefold- buy another piece of equipment he needed, save some money, and have a nice night out.

However, we have one major obstacle with going out- me. I'm actually a little surprised by how much of a home person I have become. I've never personally liked getting ready to go out for any reason (ex. I actually wore make up to work 3 times this week, which is probably a personal record). I have discovered that I actually prefer staying home and snuggling on the couch over going out and dealing with crowds, traffic, driving, and of course the preparation. In the last few years, and especially the most recent year (after graduating from college) I have gradually just stopped going out.

So last night we decided we were going to have a real date night out. We were going to dress nicely, go to dinner, see a movie, and then maybe head over to a tavern to watch a local band play. Fun filled evening out. We got ready and we both looked so nice! We went to dinner, where I realized a little too late that our favorite restaurant is not nearly as romantic as I had wanted (loud. SO LOUD. Couldn't hear ourselves talk loud). We had a wonderful dinner. We finished dinner an hour ahead of schedule (the wait was 0 min compared to the 30 min I had planned). So what to do? We went home. Instead of going to see the new flick "The Bounty Hunter" we came home, changed into pajamas, laid out the awesome bean bag mattress, and bought an On Demand movie (Sherlock Holmes, which was fabulous).

Maybe it's just us, but I honestly think I had more fun with Mike at home than I did at dinner, or in the car to dinner. There is just something about going on an official "date" that really spooks Mike. It almost becomes awkward. Add to it the fact that I generally dislike getting dolled up and staying in a dolled up state. But the second we get home, that awkward distant feeling drops completely and we are 100% happier.

For some reason I have always felt that my "homebody" personality was a major flaw. Am I really so lazy that I don't want to find some jewelry and put on some make up to go out and have fun? Last night, however, I think I finally realized that this isn't the case. It's just who we are as a couple. It works for us. I'm just glad we have such cheap tastes (movies in are much cheaper than movies out).



Hi Lynzie! I found your blog on the 20-something bloggers website, although I'm not a member there yet. Your introduction was so cute to read, so I thought I'd check out the blog as well.
Well, let me tell you..I can't get enough of it! :) That is, for many many reasons...the main one being that, uhhh....YOU are ME!!! lol
We are so alike that I could have written your posts myself without changing a single word. Shocking uh? ;) So plz, don't stop...at least until I manage to get some of those words out too, and get my blog finally going! Take care & best of luck with everything! xx Serena

Lynzie said...

How awesome to find someone you really connect with! Thanks for reading and good luck with your own blog!!! Can't wait to see it myself!