Monday, December 12, 2011

Did I Mention that I Had a Baby?

As I'm typing this my poor husband is trying to soothe a tired 2 month old so that she just might go to sleep early tonight.

Wow, she's 2 months old.  She'll be 10 weeks on Wednesday, and in less than 3 weeks I return to work.  Which makes me want to puke, but I will write more on that later.

So let's see... she's growing like crazy, and is truly a fun little firecracker most of the time.  She has a gorgeous little smile that melts your heart.  She's very strong.

I am constantly stunned at just how little I can get done during the day.  It's even worse since we're having trouble with naps.  As in, she doesn't nap unless she is sleeping ON ME.  This is obviously a big problem.  If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

For example, there are 3 loads of laundry that have been washed, but not folded.  I was happy that we were able to get out and pick up the Christmas cards that I ordered online.  Might I mention that it's only 2 weeks until Christmas?

Romeo has been a champ.  He hasn't yet acted out, although he might be a little clingy.  He loves Maddie.  He gets upset when she's particularly upset.  He cuddles with us when we're napping.  He holds it when he's gotta go but she's nursing.  He has even learned which toys are hers and not his.  :)

At the beginning of January I will be returning to work, which means Maddie will be starting daycare.  I'm utterly terrified.  I'm second guessing my choice of care, even though I know I looked at several before choosing.  I'm worried that she won't adjust easily, that she'll be left crying when she has a hard time sleeping.  She's been well loved, and won't be used to being put down a lot.  I'm really hoping it works out well.  

We've made it over 2 months breastfeeding!!!  :)  And it's going very well.  So well that before I had considered not pumping and giving her formula while I work.  Now I'm actually going to attempt pumping.  Heaven help me.  My employer is very willing to let me and even help me do this.  My actual job, however... we'll see.  I work hard.  LUNCH was a challenge.  Lunch and pumping twice a day?  It's gonna be interesting, that's for sure.

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Caroline said...

In a slightly unrelated note, your Christmas tree is gorgeous!

Wish I could come over to help, hun. I miss you guys!