Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yes, I am actually alive still

I've been tempted to get rid of my blog.  I swear I have all of these ideas to write about, and all of this crazy stuff happening around me to write about, but it never gets put on paper.  So I think I'm going to start writing all of my blog posts on a weekend and letting them post for me during the week, because lately I'm just too busy living life to write!

And of course, I'm not deleting the blog because it's my connection to some super awesome people, and I don't want to give that up.  I just need to try harder.

I did not die, by the way.  I did not abandon you.  I swear.  I just happened to join a few other "realms" that have taken a LOT of my time and energy.  I will probably write about ALL of them today, but spread them out so that you have something interesting to read about for the week.  And at least one of them will have pictures.  Ok, 2.

Much love!  And apologies.  Oh, and hopefully here soon I'll update the reading list again.  It says I'm behind something like a thousand pages, but it's really about 2-3 hundred less than that because I'm actually in the middle of THREE books.  That's right.  3.  And once I get the ball rolling again I swear I'm going to catch up.  It's just an extra hundred or so pages here and there, right?  Along with actually keeping up?

So here's to a big week ahead!!!!  Yay!!!!!

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Bitterroot Mama said...

Glad to hear you're still around and blogging. I love writing all my posts early and having them go live during the week. Can't wait to hear about your realms and the books you're into.