Thursday, February 17, 2011

The rights of a blogger

Do me a favor.  Go research the whole "teacher blogger gets suspended for her blog" thing going on and then let me know what you think.

I personally agree that the education system is majorly screwed up.  Why do you think I dropped the idea of being a teacher?  I love kids.  I can't do teaching.

I agree with her message, and her right to blog.  I don't think a company should be able to control what we do outside of work AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT INVOLVE WORK.  I don't even feel that bloggers should be completely censored regarding work.  I don't mind discussing it sometimes, and sometimes it could be a positive thing for company and employee alike.  But I follow rules.  I would never blast my company or the people I work with.  Not because I don't want to (we all want to at some point, whether we are right or wrong for it), but because I know there are consequences for what we say.  ESPECIALLY what we say online.  I think we all need a lesson in taking responsibility for what we say.  If a parent had overheard her say the things she did in her blog, and thus complain, she would be held accountable.  It wouldn't be a nationwide scandal, but she would be held accountable.  The difference here is that a LOT of parents "overheard" her comments.

So I'm curious to see what your take on the whole thing is, as bloggers.  How do you feel?

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