Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wedded Wednesday (Thursday again)- Birthday time!

I did not post this last night because I was enjoying the evening with my husband instead.  It was his day after all.

My hubs hit 25 yesterday.  TWENTY FIVE!  Do we officially count as adults now?  Because seriously.  I could vent a HUGE ONE about all the "you're too young" problems I have.

Tangent aside, it was a great day, minus the present.  Last year we were in the process of buying a house.  So instead of a birthday gift, we said the house was the big gift and I made a cake and decorated the apartment with $1 ribbon and balloons.  It was sad, and I felt bad, but it's all we could do.

So this year I wanted to make up for it.  I spent $100 on his gift (which is twice the normal range).  I went out and splurged on a super awesome Oreo ice cream cake that I just KNEW he'd love.  I even planned to make his favorite dinner.

So yesterday showed up nice and cold on our front door step.  I sent him the Good Morning Happy Birthday text (because we don't see each other in the mornings).  And then I hoped that JUST MAYBE his gift would arrive today while I was at work.

Nature gave Michael a gift in the mean time- snow.  The first snow of the season.

2 pm comes and I realize that I forgot to start his crockpot dinner this morning... Well shit.

4:30 rolls around... No gift.  No email saying the guy I bought it from off of ebay has even shipped it yet.  Nada.

So I head home, and promptely cook what is normally a crockpot meal via stove.  It was actually pretty good, I must say.  Dinner was Chicken and Dumplings with broccoli and peaches.  Followed by amazing Oreo ice cream cake.  Michael was in heaven.  :)  And he got to open 2 birthday cards, so he at least had something.

I told him what his gift was, and he's super excited for it to arrive, but I'm honestly starting to worry that the guy scammed me.  He had an excellent rating from all the people who had bought from him, though.  Maybe it was all a hoax?  I'm worried, but I put it on paypal with my credit card, so to be honest, I still can complain and get my money back.  I'm just nervous and I really wanted that ipod.  I'm hoping he just shipped it instead of emailing me.  Only time will tell I guess.

Happy birthday, Michael!

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