Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Christmas! Merry New Year!

Hope you don't mind my absence.  I was slaving away enjoying my days off before Christmas and didn't put blogging very high on the priority list.

I'll do a post later about all that, but to get to current topics- MENU MONDAY!!!!

On a Tuesday.  Again.

Anyways, food this week?  There's a lot of it.  I mean, hello stuffing your face week!

Monday- Christmas dinner out with the Brudders!!!!  Both of my brothers work at a casino (in the restaurants) so they never get off for the holiday.  SO.  To deal with that and the fact that we live a sizeable distance apart, we met half way and ate at the Fuji Steakhouse.  It's like Benihana's, only a little cheaper (same great taste if you ask me!).  Boy was it yum.

Tuesday- Lasagna
Wednesday- Take your pick of leftovers- Christmas dinner or lasagna
Thursday- I'm thinking Taco Melts
Friday breakfast- Doughnuts!  We love us homemade doughnuts.
Friday dinner- Maple Glazed Chicken with rice and carrots.
Saturday breakfast- Breakfast burritos- if we like them I'll share the recipe.
Saturday dinner- Probably Chili or eating out- it's my cooking day
Sunday breakfast- Pancakes?
Sunday dinner- Beef stroganoff?  I think so...

As you can tell, this is all made up on the spot.  I have a menu, but we've drifted so far off the map that I don't remember what it says- just what's in the freezer.  The good thing is I have probably a week's worth of meals still in the freezer!  Yay for not needing to make so much this month!

PS- The Christmas ham (and apple dumplings) were delicious.  Recipes to follow... Probably tomorrow.  I will try, though!

PSS- Link up ya'll

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